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About Wilde Ivy

Wilde ivy is an Irish brand that began in 2020. The idea of creating this brand began many years ago as we felt there wasn't enough brands focusing on size inclusivity, sustainability and empowering women.

Each of the pieces on Wilde Ivy are individually picked and thought about. All clothing is sourced from brands that are ethical in terms of the materials sourced and also how the clothing is manufactured. Sustainability is a major part of this business and so packaging is an important aspect. All the packaging is eco friendly and recyclable.

At Wilde Ivy we all believe that fashion should be made to fit each and everyone. This is something that we continue to strive towards as the brand begins to grow and we introduce more labels and styles.

About the owner

My name is Catriona and I am the person behind Wilde Ivy. I am an absolute true lover of fashion and travel. Each of my trips have inspired me to create a website which fulfilled all of my desires that I have as an online shopper. I want to create a fashion brand where many people can find pieces that they fall in love with. I have always believed that a positive mindset and believing in yourself are the two main attributes in achieving ones goals.

I hope you like enjoy my online store.
 Catriona x